Guanábana combines the value of craftsmanship with fashion design to create special products with history. The designs are created in Madrid, but the manufacturing is developed in Latin America by more than 1,200 artisans from different communities using ancestral techniques.

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Melbourne SCALARE medium bag Melbourne SCALARE medium bag

Melbourne SCALARE medium bag

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SCALARE tote bag


Guanábana accessories

Guanábana Handmade was founded by Almudena Espinosa more than 15 years ago. The Spanish brand was born under the philosophy of creating unique fashion accessories: handmade, high quality and combining the techniques and design of Latin America with a European influence. The Guanábana collections reflect the perfect composition between the work of the designers and the artists. Taking into account the latest trends and traditional techniques, they design the patterns and prints, combining colours and geometric shapes that give way to the different collections.

A sustainable brand

The fundamental pillar for the growth of the brand has been and still is human relations. Guanábana started working with a small group of craftswomen that today amounts to more than 1,200. The firm forges an essential commitment to the development of the communities it works with. In the last 12 years, Guanábana has provided stable employment to hundreds of people in these communities, improving their quality of life.

It contributes to the development of Latin American communities and sees to the latest. Buy Guanábana.