The Italian brand Twin-Set is committed to a feminine style that combines romanticism and courage. Its designs include primary lines and silhouettes redesigned for innovative femininity. Discover the latest in Italian ready-to-wear with Twin-Set.

Abrigo punto jacquard Abrigo punto jacquard

Knitted coat

Pantalón ecopiel Pantalón ecopiel

Pantalón ecopiel

Pantalón cheviot-gris Pantalón cheviot-gris

Cheviot pants - grey


Twin-Set, Carpi 1990

Twin-Set was founded in Carpi (central Italy) in 1990 by the entrepreneur Tiziano Sgarbi and his wife, the designer Simona Barbieri. However, the Italian firm did not take off until 2012, after being acquired by the US investment fund Carley Group, which owns 72 per cent of the capital. The rest of the assets remains in the hands of the founders who are still active in the company.

Twin-Set, the Italian prêt-à-porter

The Italian brand is distinguished by its recognisable feminine style that stands between the romantic and the aggressive. Lace garments, floral prints and overlays enriched by a broad colour palette give way to a timeless design creating a perfect prêt-à-porter style. Twin-Set will make you feel feminine and trendy, even in your moments of relaxation.

Dress Twin-Set, Italian fashion is always a hit.