Cire Trudon candles have centuries of history and are produced in the oldest French wax factory. They are considered the most luxurious candles in the world because of their excellence, majestic presentation, quality craftsmanship and their great sensory and olfactory experience.

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Vela perfumada Dada

Dada scented candle


Cire Trudon: Candlemaker since 1643

In 1643 Claude Trudon began supplying wax and candles in Paris, becoming the supplier of candles to the most emblematic cathedrals in Europe. For their manufacture, in a handmade way, Trudon used beeswax dried in the sun so that the candles would be of an impeccable white colour. As time went by, they began to make candles and candles for the court of Louis XIV, for Hermès, Guerlain and Dior.

Cire Trudon, top-quality candles

Cire Trudon continues to produce candles exclusively made from vegetable waxes that do not contain paraffin or petroleum by-products. The wick is made from pure, top quality kinds of cotton. These pieces of cotton are chosen and cut according to the amount of wax and the diameter of the glass cup where the resin is deposited. Not to mention that the glass is handmade in Vinci, in the heart of Italian Tuscany.

Make your house of history shine with Cire Trudon!