Veja is a reference in an ecological fashion. Each pair of Veja slippers is made in Brazil with ecological agriculture materials and recycled plastic bottles. In addition to their positive impact, the firm's designs stand out for their minimalist and vintage style.

Veja, a real action

Veja began in 2003 when its founders, Sébastien Kopp and François Morillion, visited a Chinese clothing production workshop and witnessed its terrible working conditions. On the front line, they concluded that they had to act and stop the unthinkable levels of globalization. Kopp and Morillion came up with a real action that today is Veja. The name is a translation of the Portuguese "observa". And, with this concept, it projects a declaration of intent: observe who is behind the shoes and how they are made.

Veja, sustainable slippers

The Veja trainers, produced in Brazil, are the first trainers that respect both human rights and the environment. All the ecological materials used, such as organic cotton, wild rubber or material extracted from recycled bottles, come from Amazon communities and the streets of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Veja also applies fair trade and social reintegration in its signature.

She opts for Veja's minimalist slippers and consumes ecological fashion.