Faliero Sarti's scarves, foulards and mufflers are of exquisite taste and the best and softest touch. All his designs, from the most basic to the most daring, are handmade and may vary slightly in their finish, which makes them unique in the world.

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Foulard Italia Foulard Italia

Italia scarf

Foulard El Principito Foulard El Principito

Rosella scarf


Faliero Sarti, fashion in generations

For Sarti, it all began in Tuscany in 1949, at the head of a successful textile company. The designer's family quickly acquired a brand image, becoming a reference point for haute couture in Florence. But it was not until 1990 that Monica, the founder's daughter, launched the Faliero Sarti brand. Its success grew outside Italy at a dizzying rate, making a dent in the minds of prominent personalities. Nowadays, Mónica Sarti gives stylistic services to great designers such as Prada, Donna Karan, or Chanel, among others.

Faliero Sarti, quality materials

The Italian firm Faliero Sarti is known for its excellent fibres and fabrics. Its hallmark is to offer accessories made from the best textiles available on the market, marked by the seal of excellence and luxury. Monica and her team work the materials with real passion: they spend a lot of time researching materials, painting and working on each fabric. For her, clothing is like a blank canvas that allows her to play with colours and yarns.

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