What started as an enigma to find chic French style at a reasonable price, today is Zadig & Voltaire. The French firm with a Swedish accent and inspired by the aesthetics of rock exemplifies an adventurous but sophisticated style. The refined materials used in their designs play an essential role in their collections.

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Bolso grande abuhatado Bolso grande abuhatado

ROCKY RIDER - Studded bag - black

Bolso Rocky XL mat Bolso Rocky XL mat

ROCKY padded bag - black


Zadig & Voltaire, new concept of luxury

Created in Paris in 1997 by Thierry Gillier, the firm Zadig & Voltaire began to be known for its informal style and for selling elegant cashmere garments at affordable prices. The name of the brand is due to the character created by the French philosopher Voltaire; Zadig, who masterfully interprets the ups and downs of life. Today, Zadig & Voltaire is a fashion firm that has created and established a new idea of luxury and already has a large community of followers around the world. Among their files, followers stand out Gigi Hadid.

Quality and timelessness

With Cecelia Bönström as creative director of Zadig & Voltaire, the Parisian firm stands out for its rock spirit and casual style. Zadig & Voltaire's designs include elegant, sensual cuts and transparent materials as well as quality basics. Their star product: the Rock bag. As the brand's creative director says: "We don't follow trends, we create style".

Dress Zadig & Voltaire, dress luxury at an affordable price.