The Nomadic Sandals are a line of sandals made of rope and 100% vegan. Their style is casual and very summery. The American brand presents different designs with details of knots or straps in different colours. The success of these sandals lies in their originality, comfort and quality.

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Nomadic State of Mind

The beginnings of the Nomadic State of Mind firm date back to 1969 when its creator, the American Chris Anderson, began marketing these handmade sandals with strings at the music festivals held in North Carolina. He then travelled to Nicaragua, where he taught the locals how to make them, opting for a fair and ethical trade structure.

Solidarity and eco-friendly fashion

The Nomadic Sandals are handcrafted in Nicaragua and are directly committed to the economic and social improvement of the working-class community. Besides, the shoes are 100% vegan, as they do not use materials such as leather or wool. Even the adhesive used to stick the different pieces of the sandals is of vegetable origin. All these characteristics make the sandals an original and sustainable product, very popular among celebrities who promote ecological fashion.

Get your Nomadic Sandals, wear them in fashion and bet on fair trade.