Fusing African, French and Japanese influences, Muun has reinterpreted the traditional straw bag into a timeless and aesthetic object. Muun's signature bag is a customised, detachable hand-woven bag, either in wool or in more relaxed, plain or coloured fabrics, with a zip or a tie.

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Muuñ bags, from West Africa

The Muun firm, created in 2004 in Nyariga, northern Ghana, is the result of an unexpected encounter between two worlds. On the one hand, Tahiru, an expert in the traditional art of straw weaving, and on the other, Audrey, a fashion consultant for the Japanese market. The two founders of the brand give way to what we know today as the original Muun straw bag. Over time, the Muun family has grown to include expert craftsmen from all over the world, who share the same values: respect for others and love of natural materials.

Muuñ, care and attention to detail

Straw, cotton, wool, linen, leather... All the materials used to make Muun bags are natural and carefully selected by a team of experts in the field. The straw used is woven locally by craftswomen in Nyariga, the leather undergoes a natural vegetable-based tanning process. In contrast, the cotton and linen are carefully woven by people with disabilities.

Get your hands on the timeless and minimalist Muun bag that you can wear on any occasion.