The Parisian firm Nach turns porcelain into a modern and high-quality jewel. Each piece is handmade and painted by specialist craftsmen. Their designs include miniature animals, easily recognizable in the world of fashion.

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Botella animalitos

Thermal bottle animals

Collar 3 leopardos

Leopard necklace

Collar largo loros

Parrots necklace

Pulsera rigida cebras

Zebras bracelet


Nach, a family brand

Nach is the story of a firm created in Toulouse in 2011 by two sisters: Nadie and Nancy Koch. The French brand was born out of a shared passion for fashion and a family legacy: the father devoted himself to porcelain miniatures for over 40 years. This is how the Koch sisters have adopted the family's know-how, in the trade of porcelain, to create jewellery and accessories that are unique in design and style.

Nach: synonymous with craftsmanship and style

Handmade and painted by expert craftsmen, Nach presents a complete collection of jewellery with animals as protagonists: from rings with birds, to bracelets with panther pendants and fish rings. The French firm has made a name for itself among the most renowned in the world of jewellery and accessories, bringing a new sensation to quality design. The Nach universe is beautiful, wild, rare, fascinating... in one word: animal!

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