Comme Des Garçons perfumes aim to stimulate the five senses, shake up the conscience and never cease to amaze. This line of niche perfumes represents a carefree and transgressive character. Its "anti-fragrances" are famous for not using conventional techniques and for the use of alternative ingredients.

Comme Des Garçons, from fashion to perfume

Comme Des Garçons, a fashion brand founded in 1969 by Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, is known for its avant-garde and artistic style. It achieved success outside Japan once it decided to launch itself into the world of perfumery with Comme Des Garçons Parfums. Her first fragrance "Comme des Garçons" was established in 1994, created by Max Buxton, which enabled her to become a regular partner of the brand.

Comme des Garçons: yes to art, no to trend

Kawakubo clothing has always been closer to the artistic concept than to simple fashion. Its perfume follows the same line and is catalogued as a niche perfumery. Every season, Comme Des Garçons continues to break with market trends by making impossible perfumes or reinventing old-new classics.

Switch to art and leave fashion behind, get a hold of Comme Des Garçons.