Scandinavian Minimalism with an easygoing style: that's Ganni, the firm created by the Reffstrup couple. Their designs combine the functional style of Danish brands with printed dresses, flounced tops and cowboy boots. Ganni is already among the street style favourites of fashion icons like Alexa Chung.

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Ganni, scandi style

Ganni was conceived in 2000 by the Danish couple Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup as a niche project, creating only cashmere jumpers. Thanks to their creative vision and their commitment to a minimalist and casual Scandinavian style, today Ganni designs all kinds of clothes: from dresses, skirts and T-shirts, to bags, shoes and accessories. Her easy designs, with clean silhouettes and subtle stridencies, have in their DNA the Nordic philosophy but leave room for personality and contrasts. The Reffstrup brand has empowered itself with street style by winning over clients of the stature of Alexa Chung, Veronika Helibrunner and Kendall Jenner.

Ganni, a sustainable brand

The Danish company has established itself as a brand that is committed to an existence based on sustainability, gender equality and responsible consumption. As the Reffstrup family states on their website, they seek to be the most sustainable version of themselves. To protect the environment, Ganni has a policy of eliminating chemicals and reducing CO2 emissions in the production of each of its garments.

Dress as a fashion reference and take care of the environment, dress Ganni!