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From the Rural Australia in the 1920s, throughout the pilot´s feets during the 1st world war, the surf spirit of California in the 90´s or the fashion icons around the 2000. UGG has more than a story to tell, it is an experience to share.

35 years ago Brian Smith landed in Southern California with a dozen pairs of his Australian boots and a dream called UGG. UGG were made to keep the feet of surfers warm pre- and post-session but it became a symbol of relaxed southern California culture.

Surfer's Girls started wearing their surfer boyfriend's pair of boots. It was the early 90´s and the "Boyfriend style" (oversized jeans, and checks shirts) was born. Shortly after, UGG overcame all Brian expectations, The sheepskin boots first travelled to the East Coast and continue surfing to Europe.

It was 2000, and Ugg were covering Cameron Diaz feets in the magazines and complementing the looks of fashion icon Kate Moss. This love that began in the sand of the beach in the year 1978 has turned into a symbol of casual culture, an essential in all the fashionist´s closet, that claims comfort and style.

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