Masscob is a signature made in Spain that reflects both male and female styles. Their designs are created from simple garments with unique touches based on prints, embroidery and a masculine touch. This delicate balance between the two styles becomes the essence of their collections.

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Masscob, the duality of styles

Masscob is a fusion of two personalities: female and male. They are Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobián, a unique couple who brings a warm and relaxed style to the fashion industry. The Masscob identity, born in La Coruña in 2003, is defined by feminine silhouettes and quality craftsmanship in favour of modern fluidity. In their collections, designers only follow their instinct by creating natural and elegant forms with a touch of vintages.

Made in Spain

The made in Spain label has opened borders for Masscob. Today, the quality of the manufacturing processes is very competitive, and the manufacturing site has become one of the most appreciated details in foreign markets. This quality, together with the chic French style, has allowed Masscob to implement its functional style for modern women in big fashion cities like Paris.

Wear quality garments with a relaxed style. Always be trendy with Masscob and support made in Spain.