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List of products by brand TWIN-SET

?Twin-Set is an italian fashion brand founded in 1990, thanks to the talent of Simona Barbieri and the pushing spirit of Tiziano Sgarbi.

It emerges as a very entire and coherent brand that has built its own identity. Twin-Set collections are made up of its romantic, vaporous and feminine touch, dressing women with a lot of style. In addition, the brand always runs the risk of creating overlays and textile combinations.

Twin-Set reflects the Italian soul in each garment of its collections, from the elaborate creation of its fashion pieces until the touch of sensuality in the classic fits. Simona Barbieri brings the feminine essence to her collections of dresses, jackets and coats. Furthermore, Twin-Set also owns an brilliant slice collection that completes the brand image perfectly.

Twin-Set is considered as an accessible deluxe brand and it is becoming a reference in the feminine fashion world, that every year surprises us with its collections


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