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List of products by brand MALABABA

Founded in 1997 by Ana Carrasco and her husband Jaime Lara, Malababa is known for being one of the fashion ambassadors of Spain in the field of accessory design. Nowadays, they own 50 national sales points and over 100 worldwide.

The whole process of its products is developed in Spain. Starting from its prototypes, which are created in their own workshops, to the craftsmanship of their articles. In addition, all craft workshops they work with are on a high professional level and meet strict controls of quality.

Its products are easily recognizable because of their skin treatments, such as the dyeing craft techniques, giving a pleasing appearance to the touch and sight. In addition, they make their products more environmentally friendly , natural and unique.

The hallmarks of Malbaba are the beauty of the imperfect, the changing, the natural, incompleteness. The rustic simplicity of authenticity.

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