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List of products by brand CARVEN

His creative director, Guillaume Henry, was clear in his understanding of Carven, calling it “very chic, sophisticated but totally unpretentious”. Talking about his work, he also said “I don’t design clothes for customers; I do the wardrobe of a character”, “I don’t see clothes as being only products—I see them as part of a story.”

In 1975 Carmen de Tommaso opened a studio on the Champs-Élysées, ignoring her mother´s words “you will never be elegant”, because of her small stature. So she decided to take advantage of her complexion in order to create fashion garments that would specially fit women like her.

“That balance between sexy and charming in a very French way” could be the righter way to define the Carven styling. Since the beginning the Carven house has had a democratic and Parisian view of fashion design. Nowadays, the house offers ready-to-wear that is both inspired and accessible.??

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